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Cabal Flag

Founded in 1980, Cabal is an international open flag card, which means operating freely in many countries licensing issuers and acquirers and approval of processing of electronic payments.

Licensed Cabal flag Issuers in Brazil have credit, debt; BNDES products, prepaid cards in general and regulated cards, such as food and meal cards available to them.

With wide network of acceptance, guaranteed for the licensing of major acquirers in the market, Cabal is one of the main flags operating in the country, present in 99% of Brazilian cities.

Cabal Brazil, a company headquartered in Brasilia and founded in January of 2000, it regulates the operation of Cabal Flag in the country and manages the binding of new issuers, whether financial institutions or not, card acquirers and processors by joining Cabal System of Payment Methods.

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