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Cabal Vale

Bandeira Cabal Débito Cabal Vale Card is an efficient tool for payment of employee benefit of companies exclusively electronically.

With support in PAT - Workers' Food Program, Cabal Vale Card ensures the company full control over the benefits available and ensures that employees use resources correctly.

In addition, the HR ends with the handling and distribution of voucher benefits in paper, gaining speed and reducing operating costs.

The employee, in turn, has more security because he has his name and the company´s printed on it, and requires, at the time of payment, the use of a personal password; and gains in convenience by eliminating by the issue by establishments, the famous “contra-vales” (back vouchers).

Granting benefits with support from PAT results in improving the nutritional quality of the employee, which can thus generate increase efficiency, an important factor for the grantor company.

Please note that there is no incidence of social charges on the amount of the benefit granted, and the company reporting income tax on current income, as long as registered in PAT, can benefit from tax incentives.

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