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Cabal flag starts operation of BNDES Card

Published in 05/02/2013

Authorized to operate BNDES Card as Flag and Purchaser, Cabal is already in operation at BNDES Card Portal since last Friday, February 1st.

Dividing the beginning of its operations in two steps, in this first one, Cabal started the suppliers’ accreditation activities (inherent to acquiring).

The accreditation conditions offered by Cabal are innovative and far more favorable to suppliers. The discount rate, which focuses on the sales value was set at 2% (0.50% below market rate), in addition, in an agreement with BNDES, a limit of R$ 1,000 was set for its collection.

With this policy, it is expected that the average operation ticket with BNDES Card Cabal are higher, this is due to, in percentage terms, the discount rate will be lower the higher the value of the sale is. As an example, taking the application of the limit, on a sale of R$ 100,000 the discount rate will be 1% and, on a sale of R$200,000, only 0.50%. Keeping in mind that, in any case, the supplier will always be sure of being paid.

These conditions are valid only for BNDES Card with Cabal flag, which does not charge any membership fee.

For suppliers already operating on BNDES Card Portal and that are interested in joining Cabal, simply access the restricted area of the Portal by entering the CNPJ, login and password, click on "Make another affiliation" and on the next screen, select the acquirer "Cabal Brazil." Then a qualified team of Cabal Brazil will contact the supplier to finish the accreditation.

The second step is regarding the issuance, and the first issuer of BNDES card with Cabal flag is the Sistema de Cooperativas de Crédito do Brasil (Credit Union System of Brazil (Sicoob)), which has over 2 million members nationwide and is present in 23 states and the Federal District. Sicoob network is the sixth largest among financial institutions operating in the country. Part of the system, Banco Cooperativo do Brasil (Cooperative Bank of Brazil (Bancoob)) and companies/entities providers of specialized products and services. The expectation is that the first BNDES Cabal cards will be issued between April and May of this year. In addition, new issuers are close to be announced.

Operating as a flag and acquirer under special conditions, for both suppliers and for issuers, Cabal understands it can contribute to further spreading of BNDES Card, a product of remarkable importance for the Brazilian business.

About Cabal Flag - Founded in 1980, Cabal is an open card flag, issued by many financial institutions present in South America. In over 32 years of operation, the flag is present in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Cuba. In Brazil, its operations began in 2000. In addition to credit, debit, prepaid and BNDES cards, the flag also operates Food and meal-benefit cards (Cabal Vale), issued in accordance with PAT - Workers' Food Program.

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