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BRDE will provide financing through BNDES Card with Cabal Flag

Published in 23/05/2013

BRDE will soon be offering BNDES Card to current and new customers. It will be the first public institution of development to operate the credit card to micro, small and medium enterprises in southern Brazil. Cabal Company won the bid for service provision and recently entered into an agreement with the Bank, to operate as flag and processing of BRDE’s BNDES card. It was also ratified the agreement between BRDE and BNDES to operate the new product. “BNDES Card matches ease of operation with credit card and long-term conditions and interest rates already operated by BRDE," highlights the president of BRDE, Carlos Henrique Horn.

With the partnership, Cabal believes in a closer approach to Brazilian business community, both the borrower as the accredited supplier. Our expectation for the dissemination of BNDES Card throughout BRDE operation area, given that the institution is positioned as the 3rd largest transferor in the South, analyzes the General Director of Cabal Brazil, Marcos Vinicius Viana Borges.

Owners of cards issued by BRDE may finance the production of goods in the Portal BNDES Card directly from suppliers accredited by Cabal, which also operate as purchaser. In agreement with BNDES, suppliers accredited by Cabal will benefit from special conditions, where the discount rate, which focuses on sales value, is 2%, with a limit of R$ 1,000. Thus, the higher the value of the sale, the lower, in percentage terms, the cost to the supplier.

BNDES Card is a financial instrument that consists of a revolving credit for micro, small and medium enterprises for the purchase of goods, industrial inputs and services. One of the objectives of this financial support is to expand access to credit. With the new product, BRDE will be able to expand customers in these sectors.

About Cabal Flag - Founded in 1980, Cabal is an open card flag issued by several financial institutions operating in South America. In more than 32 years of operation, the flag is present in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Cuba. In Brazil, its operations began in 2000. In addition to credit, debit, prepaid and now BNDES cards, the flag also operates the benefit Food and Meal cards (Cabal Vale), issued in accordance with the PAT - Workers' Food Program.

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