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For questions related to your card such as "limit", "invoice" and "annuity", look for the issuing institution of your Cabal card. Please contact the issuer of your Cabal card calling the phone number on the back of your card.

Acceptance of Cabal Card

Currently, Cabal Flag holds a licensing agreement with the acquirers (purchasers) Bancoob - through SIPAG and Bin machines - Cielo and Rede, thus, their cards are automatically accepted at the terminals of these networks across the country in "debt "and" credit” operations.

Credit and debit Cabal cards can also be used for online purchases at thousands of online stores through PagSeguro and on smartphones and tablets with the card reader device offered by the company.

To know the acceptance network for Cabal Food and Cabal Meal cards, visit

I want a Cabal Card

Learn the issuers of Cabal flag and ask for your card.

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